Genetic matching of gamete
donors and recipients powered
by Artificial Intelligence.

Our vision

In immune compass, we find the optimal gamete donor through our AI-powered, personalized genetic counseling.
While the looks of your donor are important, genetic compatibility between gametes is invaluable to increase the chances of having a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.
By combining advances in Immunogenetics and Artificial Intelligence, we offer personalized genetic counseling that will help you to find an optimal genetic match among donors.

The technology

Cutting edge biology

It's not you, it's your genome... Advances in genetics have identified that certain paternal and maternal genetic combinations are unfavourable for pregnancy. Naturally, attraction plays an important role in reducing these combinations. DNA sequencing and analysis allow us to bring this information to the world of assisted reproductive technology, where it is currently overlooked.

A multidisciplinary approach

From linear algebra on biochemical activity to Artificial Intelligence on complex genetic interactions, we know exactly how to take biology to the next level. We perform novel, data driven techniques whose purpose is to optimise fertility treatment outcomes.

Recent Works

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We are excited to present the world's first algorithm to predict the genetic probability, for a gamete donor-recipient pair, to experience a healthy pregnancy or recurrent miscarriage

Our team

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Aldo Mora Sánchez Founder

Aldo has a background in Physics, Applied Mathematics, Complexity Science and Neuroscience, with degrees from renowned universities from Mexico, the UK, Sweden and France. He completed his studies thanks to highly competitive scholarships from the European Commission and the Mexican government. During the course of his research, he has successfully applied AI techniques to biological datasets. In this domain he has published articles in international journals and conferences, and is the major co-author of two patents.

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Daniel Isui Aguilar Salvador Founder

Isui has a background in Biomedical Research, with degrees from prestigious universities in Mexico and France, also with research experience in the UK and Switzerland. During his career he has worked on Synthetic Biology, Immunology and Infection Biology. He has received several awards and scholarships and has published articles in international journals and conferences.

Scientific advisors

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Izabela Nowak Researcher in immunogenetics
Ludwik Hirszfeld Institute of Immunology
and Experimental Therapy

Professor Nowak, faculty Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, is a leading researcher in the study of the interaction between parental immune systems and foetal development. She has more than 60 published articles on the subject and ongoing research projects with IVF patients to understand the genetic basis of reproductive problems.

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Gérard Dreyfus Emeritus Professor
École supérieure de physique et de chimie
industrielles de la ville de Paris

Professor Dreyfus, an IEEE fellow, is an influential researcher in the field of Machine Learning. He has published more than 280 articles in international journals and conferences. He is co-holder of more than 20 French and international patents. As a pioneer of the field, he published some early fundamental articles, and organised the first European conference on neural networks. He is currently associate editor of several international journals, and sits on various technical committees of the IEEE.

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